Sunroom Windows for the Atlanta, GA Area: Tempered Glass, Window Locks & More

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    15 Feb, 2013
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Lately, you may have wanted to speak to a contractor about building a new sunroom for your Atlanta, GA area home. However, you may be concerned that, since a sunroom is constructed out of mainly windows and screens, it will not be as secure as the rest of your house. The good news is, Sunsational Sunrooms of Georgia, LLC has an answer to your concerns: sunroom windows with tempered glass, dual-cam locks, and other features that make the sunroom more safe and secure. Sunroom windows from Sunsational Sunrooms of Georgia, LLC help relieve your safety concerns with the following features and more:

Tempered glass – is several times stronger than standard glass and is designed to avoid shattering
Window locks – dual cam sunroom building window locks meet AAMA “forced entry” test criteria which means they have been independently tested and verified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association
Certified windows – sunroom windows also have been AAMA certified to HS-R40
From our years of experience in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, Sunsational Sunrooms of Georgia, LLC can tell you that not all sunrooms are built to our high standards of safety and durability. If you would like more information about sunroom windows and frames that are constructed with safety and structural integrity in mind, please contact Sunsational Sunrooms of Georgia, LLC today at 678-438-1287 for a FREE, no obligation estimate. We serve a 120-mile radius around Atlanta including metro Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Smyrna, Rome, and beyond.


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