If you like to add a great conversation piece to your landscape, a pergola makes a versatile choice. This wooden-framed structure, also known as a architectural arbor, often includes a latticework roof or trellis structure where climbing plants can be trained to grow.

In the backyard, a pergola can be built over a patio or seating area to provide a bit a shade and shelter. When you want to direct traffic from one part of your property to the next, a pergola can turn an otherwise drab walkway into an intriguing passageway. You might even install a pergola over your front sidewalk as a unique way to welcome guests into your home.

As far as climbing plants go, morning glory, grapes, hardy kiwi, rose, clematis and wisteria are all good to work with. Consider using multiple plant types for variety, along with hanging baskets for added visual interest.

However you choose to use it, a pergola will make a great addition to your property!