Screen Rooms

Screen Rooms 

The primary benefit of a screen room is that you feel closer to nature with only screens between you and the great outdoors. A screened porch provides a great deal of shelter from the weather. Screened porches are generally recommended for three season use or for homes in warm climates. However, screen rooms are usually less expensive to install than sunrooms, so some people consider them a better value than sunrooms. Our aluminum system allows to be constructed on existing concrete, and on an elevated deck.

We offer many different styles. Please read and view the photo gallery. I have thousands of photos, and will be more than happy to email more of a particular style that you have in mind.

KneeWall System – The knee wall system acts as a guard against mud and cut grass, and can be cut at any height to meet your needs. We also offer a solid insulated LWP (Laminated Wall Panel) should you decide to transform your screen enclosure to a glass patio enclosure at any time.

With The KneeWall system in place, you can rest assured that your investment maintains a clean and safe environment.

The Picket System – The picket system provides a safety feature when required by building codes and/or when the screen enclosure is located on the second story or above. Experience the great outdoors while adding a barrier against the less desired aspects of nature.

Colors - We offer an array of colors as well as your choice of distinct textures that will make it easy to design a Screen Enclosure that perfectly compliments your home. Gutters and downspouts are options that channel rainfall away from your Screen Enclosure and your home’s foundation. A long lasting, durable enclosure that allows you to enjoy your new space while keeping Mother Nature’s pests out.

Options - Customers’ choices abound when it comes to a Screen Enclosure design. We understand that each home is different, which is why we offer an array of options to choose from. The result: an outdoor living space that perfectly suits your needs and your home’s architecture.

System Styles – Sunsational Sunrooms offers several different systems to fit the distinct requirements of your Screen Enclosure. Our full screen wall offers the perfect outdoor feel with a maximum view, while keeping insects out. Add a kick panel to keep out dirt, grass cuttings, and other debris. We also offer a solid knee wall design with insulated LWP (Laminated Wall Panels) should you decide to transform your Screen Enclosure to a glass Patio Enclosure at a later time.